Masters Tournament – Augusta National Golf Club – 2024

The Masters Tournament is a prestigious golf tournament held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, United States. The tournament is one of the most revered events in professional golf and attracts top players from around the world.

Augusta National Golf Club, the host venue for the Masters, is known for its beautiful and meticulously maintained course. The club was founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts in 1932 and has since become synonymous with the Masters Tournament. The course itself features challenging holes, iconic landmarks like Amen Corner, and stunning scenery.

The Masters Tournament is known for its traditions, including the iconic green jacket presented to the winner, the Champions Dinner, and the Par 3 Contest held on the eve of the tournament. The tournament has seen many memorable moments and legendary champions over the years, such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson.

It is worth noting that the specific details about the tournament, including the schedule and participants, may vary from year to year. Stay up to date with the latest information about the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club.

In 1948, Dwight D. Eisenhower and his wife Mamie were personally invited to Augusta by Roberts. Eisenhower took a liking to the club, becoming a member, and hired Roberts as his executor and financial advisor, who had a house (Eisenhower Cabin) constructed for Eisenhower on the grounds. During his presidency, Eisenhower visited Augusta National 29 times.

Eisenhower Tree

Eisenhower Tree in 2011

Also known as the “Eisenhower Pine,” a loblolly pine was located on the 17th hole, about 210 yards (190 m) from the Masters tee. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, an Augusta National member, hit the tree so many times that, at a 1956 club meeting, he proposed that it be cut down. Not wanting to offend the president, the club’s chairman, Clifford Roberts, immediately adjourned the meeting rather than reject the request. In February 2014, the Eisenhower Tree was removed after suffering extensive damage during an ice storm.

Real estate

Over the decades, Augusta National has bought and redeveloped nearby land. From 1999 to 2019, the club spent about $200 million to buy 100 separate properties totaling over 270 acres, some more than a mile distant from the club proper. Most purchases are arranged via LLCs connected to Augusta National in order to obfuscate the transaction’s details. More than a dozen of these LLCs are known to exist, and up to five may be involved in a single purchase.  Augusta National ultimately purchases each LLC, acquiring its land holdings and keeping the real estate price away from public records. Non-disclosure agreements are also commonly employed.

Augusta National has acquired, demolished, and redeveloped entire strip centers and residential blocks. The organization helped finance a project to re-route Berckmans Road. The club also built a large tunnel underneath Washington Road connecting to a Global Communication Center that was first used in the 2021 Masters Tournament. The tunnel was built without ever impeding traffic on Washington Rd above, and is large enough for an 18 wheeler to drive through.

Because Augusta National has spent so much to acquire land, homeowners in Richmond County have had to apply for special property tax assessments in order to negate the effects of the club’s activities. Investors have also begun to purchase property and condos next to Augusta National.


Chairmen serve for an indefinite amount of time. The chairman is the only person officially authorized to publicly discuss the Masters.

In 1966, the governing board of Augusta National passed a resolution honoring founder Bobby Jones with the position of President in Perpetuity.

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